Mission and Values

"To provide our clients with exceptional innovative, dynamic, responsive, constructive and directed guidance, with the goal of expanding their potential markets, providing them with contract opportunities, strategic partnerships and a comprehensive pathway to success in the Federal and Commercial marketplace."

Grace & Associates is unique in that the company does not sell to the Government, hold any Government contracts (Federal, State or Local), or receive any funding from the Government. Our Team helps our clients navigate through the very complex and difficult process of understanding and obtaining government contracts.  We assist them in pursuing opportunities and help them understand the sales cycles, timelines and required steps for success.

Grace & Associates remains a trusted partner with many of the government agencies as a company that consistently brings the right technology forward, at the right time - with a very strong understanding of what is required.


"Grace and Associates, LLC. was established in April of 2002. The company is incorporated in the State of Louisiana."

Grace and Associates is well known for their ability to effectively establish branding for their clients in a variety of markets and for laser marketing success.  Having participated in the start up and growth of over 200 companies we are particularly well suited for market development and corporate promotion of technology.

Joe Grace, President & CEO of Grace & Associates
Joe Grace, President & CEO of Grace & Associates

Why Grace?

Each of the members of our team were "that person" that you would have wanted to meet with in Government.

In order to fully understand what the Government Customer needs there is no better way than to have "walked in their shoes," "sat in their seat," and struggled with the issues that they are facing first hand.  In uniform or in a civilian role, we have managed thousands of meetings with vendors, partners, government, executives, budget managers and technologists.  We have managed the programs that you are seeking to support and many of the key individuals who presently manage those programs either worked with members of our team, worked for members of our team, or were put in place by members of our team.  We are trusted partners who are fully committed to their mission and bringing the right solution to resolve their issues or concerns.

Because of our extensive experience we are able to better prepare our Clients for their encounters and meetings with the Government Customer.  We work with you to prepare your briefings, hone your messaging, manage your investment and ultimately share your value proposition.  Our support in this area is unparalleled.

Our team works closely with the Government personnel as mentors, supporters and advisors.  Whether it is a career change, a program need or technical support, our team is considered family in many cases.  We work to make a difference every day for these "Shipmates" and former colleagues.  This is our key mission.

When you meet with a Government Customer as one of our Clients, you will be more prepared, better informed and highly differentiated from your competition.  Our reputations are brought forward together.  There is no better grouping of Consultants to "dress you up for success."

Surafeal Asgedom, former Cheif Modernization Officer at the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and current Cheif Strategy Officer at Grace & Associates speaks at IT Modernization Summit

Surafeal Asgedom, former Cheif Modernization Officer at the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and current Cheif Strategy Officer at Grace & Associates speaks at IT Modernization Summit.

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