Mission and Values

"To provide our clients with exceptional innovative, dynamic, responsive, constructive and directed guidance, with the goal of expanding their potential markets, providing them with contract opportunities, strategic partnerships and a comprehensive pathway to success in the Federal and Commercial marketplace."

Grace and Associates is unique in that the company does not sell to the government, hold any government contracts (Federal, State or Local), or receive any funding from the Government. Our Consultants help our clients navigate through the very complex and difficult process of obtaining government contracts.  We assist them in pursuing opportunities and help them understand the sales cycles, timelines and required steps for success.

Grace and Associates remains a trusted partner with many of the government agencies as a company that consistently brings the right technology forward, at the right time - with a very strong understanding of what is required.


"Grace and Associates, LLC. was established in April of 2002. The company is incorporated in the State of Louisiana."

Grace and Associates is well known for their ability to effectively establish branding for their clients in a variety of markets and for laser marketing success.  Having participated in the start up and growth of over 200 companies we are particularly well suited for market development and corporate promotion of technology.