Joseph A. Grace, Jr.

Joseph A. Grace, Jr., is the founder of Grace and Associates, LLC, and presently serves as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Grace is a 1980 graduate of the United States Naval Academy and holds an MBA from the University of New Orleans.  He is the former Chief Information Officer for Navy Medicine where he served as a Navy Captain, recalled from the Navy Reserve Component.  He retired from the Navy Reserve in June of 2010.

Following graduation from the Naval Academy, Mr. Grace served as a nuclear submarine officer. In late 1988, after holding a variety of different positions within the submarine force, he left the active duty Navy to take a position with a Fortune 500 electronics firm in California, where he held various positions in sales and sales management.
In November of 1994, he came home to Louisiana, as the founding President of the Louisiana Technology Council, a technical trade association committed to transforming the Louisiana Technology Industry. His recognized expertise in "Techonomic Development" helped to make the organization a model for innovation and excellence.  The organization was a leader in Venture Construction, Technology Transfer, Economic Development and Business Creation.

In April of 2002, Mr. Grace resigned his position as President of the Louisiana Technology Council to operate and develop his own consulting practice, Grace and Associates, LLC, with the intent to work with both start-up and established companies, raise venture capital, prepare business plans, create sales and marketing strategies, coach sales teams and to provide consulting services to a variety of clients. Mr. Grace was also appointed as President and Chairman of the Board of Proxity Digital Networks, at the time, Louisiana's only publicly traded Internet Company. Since 2002 he has been instrumental in the creation of many different companies and has been selected to serve on multiple corporate boards and commissions.  He was also instrumental in the founding of Cyber Defense Systems, another public company in the UAV / Airship manufacturing business.

Running in parallel with his civilian business activities, upon leaving active duty, Mr. Grace remained in the Navy Reserve where he rose to the rank of Captain.   From 2001 - 2004 he was hand selected and assigned as a Special Projects Officer and Spokesperson for the Navy Marine Corps Intranet initiative (NMCI), the largest single network ever deployed.  He was specifically recruited to motivate and engage senior leadership throughout the Navy and Marine Corps and working closely with the Director, became the voice and outward representative of the early days of NMCI.

In September of 2004, he was selected by the Senior Leadership of the Navy Reserve and the Surgeon General of the Navy to be recalled to Active Duty on a special assignment as the first Chief Information Officer for Navy Medicine; in that capacity, he was responsible for the management, policy and oversight of all business development and process for all Information Technology for Navy Medicine.  His tenure maintained a focus on improving the clinical care of sailors, airmen, soldiers and marines and their dependents,  as well as tracking our wounded coming out of theatre. During his tenure his team established the organizational structure, policy and plans and execution strategy and transformed the enterprise extensively. Captain Grace was a direct report to the Surgeon General and was nominated as Department of Defense CIO of the Year by the Command. Following demobilizing from his tour as CIO, Captain Grace remained active with Navy Medicine as the CIO Navy Medicine Reserve until his retirement in June of 2010.

In 2007, Mr. Grace, re-established his consulting practice with Grace and Associates, LLC.,  shifting the focus of the company to working with the industrial base supporting government agencies, with an emphasis on Military Health and the Department of Veterans Affairs – continuing to work to improve the care of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines – and their dependents.  The company does not hold and does not seek government contracts or funding.
Outside Board and Commissions:

Mr. Grace serves on the Board of Directors for Peoples Health Network, a Louisiana HMO where he is the Outside Board Representation for LSU Medical School and a member of the Finance Committee and Compensation Committee;

Mr. Grace serves on the Board of Directors of the University Medical Group Independent Physicians Association for Louisiana State University;

Mr. Grace is the Class Secretary for the Class of 1980 of the United States Naval Academy
Mr. Grace serves as the Chairman of the Service Academy Selection Committee for Senator David Vitter, and has also served in that capacity for most of the Louisiana Congressional Delegation;
Mr. Grace serves as a Blue and Gold Officer for the United States Naval Academy.