Business Development

Business Development is at the heart of Industry success.  Without Business Development efforts it is difficult for most Companies to grow their revenue and achieve their strategies.  Business Development is also one of the areas of failure for many businesses.  Our team provides Subject Matter Expertise and extensive experience in Business Development at all levels.

Many Companies seek out former Government Employees with a perceived "Rolodex" or contact base that they believe will help them gain access to their Customer and the market that they desire to penetrate.  Often times these investments fail because the person hired has no experience in business, profit and loss, industry acumen and they receive minimal or poor training.  These individuals become the casualties of Business Development Hiring.  These are often very expensive individuals who bring varied level of value to their employer.  Many of our Clients utilize the experience of the Grace and Associates team to provide that Business Development skill set to their Company.  We also work with the leadership of our Clients to assist them when a full time asset is desired, to find that "right" personality to support their goals.

Call Planning

Once a strategy has been developed or a particular product or service is defined it is important to convey that capability to the Market Place and the Government Customer and potential Partners.  This involves the development of a Call Plan;  who do you need to meet with, what is it that you need to tell them, why should they care, what are you working to sell and how do you control the messaging.  Our team specializes in setting up the right Call Plan for our Clients.  The Government Customer also does not want to be inundated with presentations from Companies that do not provide value, do not understand their issues and essentially distract them from their mission.  Part of our role is to ensure that all meetings that we facilitate provide value, convey the right message and result in action.  This is a key capability of our team second to none.

Customer Engagement Management

Once our Clients have engaged with their Government Customer or a potential Partner it is essential to manage that relationship and provide constant value to all parties.  Our team excels at Engagement Management and we work with our Clients to ensure that these relationships remain fresh, valuable and long standing.  This is a key role for our team with our Clients and with their Government Customers.

 Sales Management

The sales cycle within the Federal Market is long and arduous.  For quarterly driven revenue Companies that may not have extensive experience in the Federal Market this can be a very taxing process.  Managing the Sales Cycle is critical to the ultimate success of our Clients.  No one meeting results in a contract.  It is a very complicated process that takes diligence, determination, understanding, thick skin and a good sense of humor.  We assist our Clients in all aspects of this process.  Some of our services include:

  • Call Strategy  - This is the execution of the Call Plan.  Who do you meet with?  How do you get to them?  Why are you meeting with them?  These are key elements of success.  Our team works with our Clients to ensure that they meet with the right people with the right message.
  • Knowing your Customer / Partner (paragraph or so)
  • Knowing their wants and needs (paragraph or so)
  • Meeting Facilitation, COORDINATION AND MANAGEMENT (paragraph or so)
  • Murder Boarding Presentations and preparing the Message  (paragraph or so)
  • Image Consulting (paragraph or so)
  • Information Dissemination (paragraph or so)

Sales 101 (include brief intro about this section)


Strategic Alliance Creation (Brokering AND PARTNERING) (include brief intro about this section)

  • Finding the right partner (paragraph or so)
  • Assemble the right team to win  (paragraph or so)
  • Connecting Industry with Government (paragraph or so)
  • Developing the right Over/Under relationships (paragraph or so)

How We Help - WE meet with you – we understand the government – we give you opportunities with government, (include brief intro about this section)

  • The marketing and branding
  • The strategies
  • And your next opportunity, and your next opportunity….

Branding & Marketing (include brief intro about this section)

Acquisition Life Cycle

(understanding the requirement through contract award/ debrief) Understanding Requirements, Drive Acquisition Strategies / Plans in the government - Build a capture strategy once identified (include brief intro about this section)

Resources Consulting/Sourcing

(For Government and Industry Partners) (include brief intro about this section)

  • Discovery and Contracting (paragraph or so)
  • Human Capital-Sourcing – PLACEMENT AND CAREER MANAGEMENT (paragraph or so)
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