Speaking, Facilitating or Moderating

Joe Grace is a nationally recognized moderator and public speaker.  He has been a television and radio talk show host as well as a speaker at hundreds of industry and government events.  He is known for his insightful and tough questions, humor and engaging style and is sought out as a moderator of current events.

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Moderating Events

Throughout technology industry Joe Grace is often seen as the Moderator of Choice for Awards Ceremonies, Panel Discussions,  Industry Special Events, Summits and other settings.  He brings a wealth of experience, poise, expertise and style to events.

Public Speaking / Panels

Members of the Grace and Associates team have extensive experience in their areas of expertise and are often sought out as keynote speakers, panel members or subject matter experts by organizations needing speakers.

For Government

Joe Grace is often selected to be the facilitator for Government to Government or Government to Industry discussions and events.

For Industry

Joe Grace is a highly requested moderator for Industry Summits, events and seminars.  He facilitates and moderates these opportunities across the country.

If you are interested in having Joe Grace as a Moderator, Facilitator, Public Speaker, Keynote or in a similar venue, please contact us and we will work with your team to make that happen.

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Joe at iEX 1

Advancing the Conversation

Acquisiton Panel at DSI
Joe at iEX 2
Joe Grace at AFCEA Joint Warfigher - Asking Questions
Joe Grace and General Lynn
DSI In Person
Scott Moderating socially distanced
Joe at iEX 2
Moderating the General 2
Joe at iEX - with Mask
Joe and Dr. Ryan Vega 2
Joe - The Captain - Moderating at iEX
Moderating 1
Joe Moderating at iEX
Joe at iEX 9
Joe Grace and Dr. Ryan Vega at iEX
Joe at iEX with Blake Henderson
Joe at iEX with Blake Henderson 2
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Joe at iEX with Blake Henderson 1
Joe at iEX 7
Joe at iEX 6
Joe at iEX 4
Joe at iEX 3
Joe at iEX 1
Joe at iEX - Moderating
Joe at iEX - Moderating 1
Joe and Shark at iEX
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FedHealthIT Innovation Awards_068-L
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