SWOT Analysis

In order to fully support our clients, our team performs a detailed SWOT (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats) analysis early in our engagement.  This is a standard business practice that is essential to fully understand their capabilities and their ability to grow within the Federal or Commercial market.  It is essential for our team to know our Client before we ever present them to the Government Customer. We have to have complete faith and confidence that their offerings match the needs of the customer and that they are able to deliver. Our commitment is to bring the right technology or process to the Government Customer.  We are very selective in our choice of clients to represent to ensure that we deliver high quality and superior capability.  In addition, it assists our team in the protection of their market position, presenting their offerings in a competent format and ensuring that we are in complete synergy with our Clients and the end customer.

During the SWOT analysis we ask our Clients to review all aspects of their company so as to develop a full understanding and overview of Client’s business.  During this process we review of key teaming agreements, partnerships and active contracts.  We also work to understand their pipeline of pursuits.  This usually includes: 

  • Competitive Contracts  
  • Competitive technologies and relationships  
  • Patents or Intellectual Property Protection 
  • Market Positioning 
  • Competitors
  • Contract Vehicles
  • Liabilities
  • Personnel / Leadership / Culture
  • Goals of the Company
  • Strategic Plan

This information is critical to be able to properly represent our Clients and ensure that we bring only the best to the Government Customer.  

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